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Small Joys of Life!

An instant smile lights up my face when these things happen!!! May be the same things happen with you too!!!

1. See a bus full of kids going to school, see them talking/fighting/smiling…. Take a minute of your traffic time to think about your school time/picnic time etc.
2. Cleaning your wardrobe after ages and see that old jeans you used to fit in…. Rummage through the pockets and find some note from a friend or self written to remind about some incident….
3. Cleaning your wardrobe after ages and see that old jeans you used to fit in…. You try it on and YOU FIT IN!!!
4. Hearing from an old friend after a long time and talk about absolute nonsense yet, feel content at the end of it….
5. Random bitch sessions about anyone and everyone with your friends J
6. Seeing photos from a past trip with a friend and then messaging “I miss you” only to get a call in return….
7. Getting a “I miss you” message/mail/call from someone you thought you had lost…
8. Reading comments on the blog you write (Disclaimer – not written here on purpose! It GENUINELY is a joy to read)….
9. Run for a train/bus/cab and just about making it….
10. Leaving slightly later than schedule and getting all lights green (or connecting trains or cabs immediately or even ships if push comes to shove) to still make it on time (Never happens to me – thanks to Murphy’s love for me)
11. Go to a random movie without plans and end up seeing one of the most enjoyable movies….
12. Get up late in the afternoon and realize that you can still sleep some more J
13. Read a section just last minute before an exam and it comes as a question for 10 marks and u end up scoring well!!!
14. And lastly after the genesis of 3 idiots – Seeing your alma mater in the movie and all those places where you spent 2 glorious years of your life…

I am sure there are much more… But in our mundane existence, we just DON’T wait & experience them!!!

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My First L-Square

There are some moments in your life which you remember like they happened yesterday…. Even if – in bigger scheme of things they may not be the most significant or momentous moments of your life… But there is just something that makes you wanna repeat them time and again in your mind and just like that they become memorable… With new faccha batch having their first L-square just yesterday, I spent about hours thinking about how mine was…

Dressing up for L-square – a concept whose gravity I did not understand till I attended my first one… When I had come in just “lame” casuals with no cosmetics used, I saw the shimmer and the glimmer in every PGP1 girl’s dress on the floor… People would here think, I’ll feel out-of-place but those who know me thats the case most of the time so it wasnt a rude shock!!! The actual shock came when I saw the PGP2s (my friends’ who I was hoping to dance with) drunk with no ability to grasp anything sane… All they did was blabber, hug everyone in “huggable” distance and fall (in my defense – it was the first time I saw them like this… And those were the days when I actually yelled at my friends for “losing control” – me being a tee-totaler)…

First L^2, people tend to flock to the ones from their wing, to the ones from their section or to the ones who happened to be in the same group as their outbound group… Incidentally, I had the combination of all 3 in one who I had hit it off very well with… She was “THE HOTTEST” girl of our batch and we liked each other (I sure do hope so) But coming with her had its downsides… A drummer just kept displacing me and dancing with her…. (First L^2 is also the time for PGP2 guys to test the waters ;)…) I tried shooing him off thrice (he is a good friend now but back then I dint know him) but he was persistent…

I danced with her and some other people for sometime, but could not help disillusionment creeping into my moods…. I went off to the A-first terrace that overlooks L^2…. If someone hasnt tried this, should definitely do it once… It looks awesome!!! The lights, the motley of colors and the people in their groups…. Its a pleasant sight….

Although heavenly, there is only so much time that you can see the same people from the top… It got lonely soon and I kept feeling my first L^2 wont be too awesome… Just when I thought I should call it a night, it took a turn… An accquaintance who was a fellow VP contestant came up to me and we had a conversation… I was wondering why would anyone come here and somewhere hoping he was having as lousy a time as I was having… But it was chivalry that got him there – did not want to see a girl alone… (yes! PGP1 guys are very chivalrous in the first few weeks :D…) The conversation was all over the place… About IIMB, about perceptions, about people… About dreams, hopes and realities… And just like that I made a new friend…

L^2 mean fun, dance, daaru and music to most people… And I would say that L^2 was fun for me as well but for very different reasons… I got the pleasure to dance with the most sought after girl in the batch (later who was my constant dance partner for a specific song)!!! I got to see how much my friends care about me (they bothered to send me messages the following morning saying they were sorry to ruin my first L^2 by not dancing with me)!!! And finally, I understood how just random talking could make a just about OK L^2 into one which is worth thinking about!!!

Btw, the next first L^2 (my juniors’) I played the role that my seniors played but I did dance with my juniors (even if they were unknown) And just like that, her (junior I danced with) first L^2 became fun coz of that moment when a tipsy PGP2 offered to teach and managed to teach 2 dance steps to her :D:D

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Yesterday it was my home…. Today I’m just a guest…

As I sit in my guest house today, I keep thinking to myself – what makes you call a place a home? Its the people, its the environment, its the memories…. Naturally, I found myself asking the question, “So, if I remove the people and if the memories get tarnished, will the place cease to be your home?” While the answer seemed very evident, I decided to put this hypothesis to test…

In my life till date, different places have become “homes” at different points in time…. First is obviously the house I was born and brought up in… Then comes my school – 12 years of my life and 6 – 8 hours everyday… that’s a significant chunk of your life… Never really thought of VJTI as my home… While there were most significant memories and very significant people associated with those 4 years – I still do not get the “homely” feeling… Then was the house I shared with a dear friend during the time at Infosys…. IIMB – for all that it gave me and finally, the place I live in after 18th April 2009!!!

Now, my first home is actually a place where my parents live… While I would want them to stay in the house I have lived for good 24 years, if they move – “my home” moves… In case of school – the teachers who taught me, who are responsible for me turning out the way I am today – are no longer present in school… While I still love my school (I go to the annual day celebrations if I am in town) I just cant associate with it anymore… With VJTI out of my list, Infosys rented apartment was a home coz of what Shruti and I did while we were there… And I come to same conclusion as in 2 cases before – my experience there was defined by a person not so much by memories…

Coming to IIMB as a home – there exists an irregularity!!! While memories have faded into oblivion (some willingly, some forced), some bonds still exist…. I love people looking forward to me coming down on campus and I love the hospitality I get… When I go there, I still love the ambience the place offers, the night outs the place brandishes, the nerves of steel that get developed looking at the placecom board (the one where I saw my seniors getting shortlists – my friends and me getting shortlists and my facchas getting the companies they ALWAYS wanted), the profs who still are keen to have a dialogue, L^2s and stories with each one of them, the intensity involved in the throwball – TOW – baski matches…

And yet, this home is ephemeral – a life of 3 years only… It is bonded with the people who were there one year before me and one year after… But more importantly its the memories which play an equally important role… My senior came to campus this year and found himself reminiscing the time he had there but he dint want to leave my side coz to associate with this place as home he needed both me (a familiar face) and his memories… Another friend – a batchmate – said, “its feels weird to make an appearance on campus often… What if people think – kya jab dekho campus aa jaati hai…”

How is this home when I think twice before coming to it?? How do I have people, the memories and yet “home” isn’t at IIMB once I pass out…. Why cant I live at IIMB for days together without giving it a second thought…. The place I owned till April 2009 is a place I am a visitor in less than 2 months….

Its an “AND” function PEOPLE AND MEMORIES to make a place call home – coz with memories your mind is present and with people your heart is….

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Days that were – IIMB rocked!!!

I locked the room… 3 posters on the wall and the curtains I picked from MARS (in the first week at IIMB) is all that remained in K-213… Everything that can be associated with me… K-213, the room I called my home for last one year… The room where I laughed, cried, studied and partied… K-213 where innumerable pizzas were ordered and cheese maggis found their way at un-godly hours… And just like that, IIMB got over for me…
As I looked back, my last glance at the gate, before a decrepit auto rickshaw sped off to Bangalore train station, I couldnt help but think of my first day here – 22nd June 2007 – when Shruti and GS came and picked me up… I went to the hostel office and apprehensively picked the C-312 room chit (my abode in the first year)… I went to my room on the third floor, only to find myself ragged in the very first hour coz stupidly enough I went and introduced myself to my seniors… Little after ragging, I met with my wing mates – as apprehensive as me but not as stupid coz they did not make the mistake to go and talk to seniors 😀
25th June 2007 when the college started and I saw the first glimpse of Gundu Rao (he was directing us to different rooms in order to avoid delays) – little to know how significant he is going to be in IIMB life… If I could depict how I felt as the auto moved through Bangalore traffic, it would be similar to screening of a movie…. Visualize motley images just running past your conscience…. The first week sessions, first L^2  and the millions after that, the first class when I slept and was almost threatened to be thrown out to most other classes where I slept on the first bench, the first club elections and the events organized or participated in, summer experiences, hectic schedules comprising quizzes, midterms, end terms, last minute project meetings and presentations and the hajar sports competitions (inter-IIM and intra-IIMB) – innumerable memories just came rushing back…. But you know what is the best part of IIMB – it is the fact that not just the firsts but the whole gamut of things remain memorable… Every friendship made, every fight fought, every competition played and every festival/event organized – everything leaves such an imprint on you that as I left, I could not help but wonder, if I would EVER be able to adjust to the “normal” life that would follow as I start working…
It is therefore, not a big surprise that most of us after leaving IIMB, find ourselves bored easily!!! (just read status messages on FB and you would know) After these 2 years, life outside IIMB just doesnt seem “interesting” enough…. While it is true, I may have slept through most of my weekends or holidays at IIMB, just watched some soaps after downloading from DC++ or just strolled on campus with friends – but these so-called “mundane” activities still feel more FUN as compared to what we are doing at our respective homes…
And it is this “bond” that will make me keep coming back to IIMB… Every chance I get!!! My happy place would always be those strolls after leaving K-213 on a fantastic “Bangalore” weather day… Seeing people play on the football field, passing friends at Athicas/mess and then just walking around this magnificent stone structure surrounded by greens… The mere thought of this sight just calms me down… 2 years – that’s all it took… The time spent at IIMB would live forever in my heart!!!
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Sharmili unveiled!!!

So, as a part of Managing Your Career Growth (MYCG as we call it) we had to take this strength builder test. I started this test with the same cynicism as I do any personality tests because I believe these tests just are a function of your frame of mind when you take the test. But, these results astound me…. I showed it to a couple of friends who know me well and they were like with some minute exceptions, THIS IS YOU!!!

Here is what this strength builder assessed me as: (btw, this is primarily done to ensure that when we take up a job as we leave IIMB, we map our strengths to the roles we apply so that we are satisfied in the job)


“Stretch the circle wider.” This is the philosophy around which you orient your life. You want to include people and make them feel part of the group. In direct contrast to those who are drawn only to exclusive groups, you actively avoid those groups that exclude others. You want to expand the group so that as many people as possible can benefit from its support. You hate the sight of someone on the outside looking in. You want to draw them in so that they can feel the warmth of the group. You are an instinctively accepting person. Regardless of race or sex or nationality or personality or faith, you cast few judgments. Judgments can hurt a person’s feelings. Why do that if you don’t have to? Your accepting nature does not necessarily rest on a belief that each of us is different and that one should respect these differences. Rather, it rests on your conviction that fundamentally we are all the same. We are all equally important. Thus, no one should be ignored. Each of us should be included. It is the least we all deserve.


You can sense the emotions of those around you. You can feel what they are feeling as though their feelings are your own. Intuitively, you are able to see the world through their eyes and share their perspective. You do not necessarily agree with each person’s perspective. You do not necessarily feel pity for each person’s predicament—this would be sympathy, not Empathy. You do not necessarily condone the choices each person makes, but you do understand. This instinctive ability to understand is powerful. You hear the unvoiced questions. You anticipate the need. Where others grapple for words, you seem to find the right words and the right tone. You help people find the right phrases to express their feelings—to themselves as well as to others. You help them give voice to their emotional life. For all these reasons other people are drawn to you.


Competition is rooted in comparison. When you look at the world, you are instinctively aware of other people’s performance. Their performance is the ultimate yardstick. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how worthy your intentions, if you reached your goal but did not outperform your peers, the achievement feels hollow. Like all competitors, you need other people. You need to compare. If you can compare, you can compete, and if you can compete, you can win. And when you win, there is no feeling quite like it. You like measurement because it facilitates comparisons. You like other competitors because they invigorate you. You like contests because they must produce a winner. You particularly like contests where you know you have the inside track to be the winner. Although you are gracious to your fellow competitors and even stoic in defeat, you don’t compete for the fun of competing. You compete to win. Over time you will come to avoid contests where winning seems unlikely.


Woo stands for winning others over. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like you. Strangers are rarely intimidating to you. On the contrary, strangers can be energizing. You are drawn to them. You want to learn their names, ask them questions, and find some area of common interest so that you can strike up a conversation and build rapport. Some people shy away from starting up conversations because they worry about running out of things to say. You don’t. Not only are you rarely at a loss for words; you actually enjoy initiating with strangers because you derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Once that connection is made, you are quite happy to wrap it up and move on. There are new people to meet, new rooms to work, new crowds to mingle in. In your world there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet—lots of them.


Your Achiever theme helps explain your drive. Achiever describes a constant need for achievement. You feel as if every day starts at zero. By the end of the day you must achieve something tangible in order to feel good about yourself. And by “every day” you mean every single day—workdays, weekends, vacations. No matter how much you may feel you deserve a day of rest, if the day passes without some form of achievement, no matter how small, you will feel dissatisfied. You have an internal fire burning inside you. It pushes you to do more, to achieve more. After each accomplishment is reached, the fire dwindles for a moment, but very soon it rekindles itself, forcing you toward the next accomplishment. Your relentless need for achievement might not be logical. It might not even be focused. But it will always be with you. As an Achiever you must learn to live with this whisper of discontent. It does have its benefits. It brings you the energy you need to work long hours without burning out. It is the jolt you can always count on to get you started on new tasks, new challenges. It is the power supply that causes you to set the pace and define the levels of productivity for your work group. It is the theme that keeps you moving.

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Its that time of the year again!!!

While it is true that IIMB is by far the best time in our lives, it is also true that few of our worst memories will be associated with the institute…. Summers is one such process…. Summers @ IIMB is by far the most stressful time in the lives of every student here…. It strangely alters your perception about yourself and not always for the worse…. Whats stranger is that everyone KNOWS its a short term process, everyone KNOWS that its not the end of the world and everyone definitely KNOWS that one process cannot undo the things achieved till that point in life… But despite this knowledge, I know of cases when those 5 days really broke a student beyond repair….

It is during this time that you see the most beautiful side of people where they would go beyond their means to help you out… On the other side, you see the darkest side of human behaviour where competition is actually interpreted as slicing some person’s throat to go ahead….

And why exactly is it so strenuous – its coz everyone @ IIMB is a super-achiever…. Some great at academics – those 9+ pointers from IITs and others at sports, quizzes, dances etc. So, it becomes very difficult to think that you are the so called “an average” or worse still “below average”… From the day you come here, you get slotted…. Into study groups, into case groups, into project groups, etc. And how do you decide this? Of course compatibility is taken into account – but strangely – one of the parameters of compatibility is grades, achievements etc. (basically how stud are you??) Its strange coz in my life I have never seen or fortunately experienced anything like this… But this is digression from my main topic…

So, coming back to summers…. When I think of my summers – these are the things I remember:

1. My awesome seniors standing beside me – during prep staying up with me till 3 am, giving gyaan after reading the spiteful newspaper, before the D-day shopping with me to make me look presentable and during the process – helping me dress up, getting things for me, making me comfortable, making me not lose hope, sitting with me for those long hours of waiting for an interview, helping me avoid breakdown at some points and finally partying with me on L^2 post the process…

2. My batch mates – more importantly this one person – who helped me thru my prep, who held my hand when I was falling into darkness….

3. My confidence levels – which were so volatile that sub-prime affected indices were put to shame…. One case cracked – super confident other screwed – im down in dumps…

4. Those one-liner mails who have made my heart skip a beat… That rush in front of the shortlist board…. That happiness when you see your name… That sadness when you dont… That terrible feeling when you make it and your dear ones dint…

5. Finally, the endless patience my family members, my fiance showed to my tantrums, mood swings and bouts of irritations…

Finally I got through the process – SOMEHOW!!! And now as I look back 2 terms ago, I think I fall into the category of people adversely affected by summers…. Ghosts of the past at times hound me…. Should I have prepared better? Did I not do market entry cases properly?? Should I have worked more on personals…. Something as silly as – should I have worn a skirt??? I mean I laugh at myself in despair when these things still SOMEHOW become parameters for judging myself…. Why does this performance affects the way I evaluate myself…. How does this one thing just NEGATES everything I did earlier…

But my summers is time past…. I always thought that what I felt was unique and NO ONE goes through that…. I am in second year now and I see 270 juniors going through the same thing I went through now…. What I HOPE and I PRAY is that the way I have interpreted this outcome for myself – NONE of the facchas do…

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Comedy of Errors

When I was in Std. tenth, I had a lesson in Marathi called “Me stadium var match pahato” (roughly translated it means I watch a match at the stadium) Basically it was about his trials and tribulations when he went to watch a cricket match at the stadium. I had vowed then – that I will NEVER watch a cricket match at the stadium – it wasnt worth the effort (clearly evident in the pain the author had to bear). Later on in engineering – I had a cricket crazy group but still we would go to this friend’s place and watch a match together – wear blue tees, carry a blue flag, paint our faced in the tricolor etc… Every six/four was a celebration and every wicket we expressed frustration. But it was loads of fun – only because we were at this friends place – eating his mom’s home-made delicious cakes and other junk food… In a nut shell, IT WAS COMFORTABLE!Thus, my interest in cricket was ALWAYS driven by my friends – who were crazy about it… And this was the exact same reason I got emotionally blackmailed into watching the IPL – Mumbai Indians versus Knight Riders match at Wankhede – and the worst part of it all I PAID FOR BEING TORTURED 😦

So, Girish asked me to come over and I agreed (read – emotional blackmail for not calling at 12 to wish him on his budday) to leave early and join him for this match. Gaurang and a couple of his frends were joining us… Then I had to refuse my office people who were giving me a 3000 bucks ticket for free (read Girish – so much for the love i have for u)…
I left office and missed a colleague who was going to go to the same place and left at the same time in his car (i used public transport to get there) – Strike 1 I say…

I went to Churchgate and the comedy of errors began… I was supposed to get down at Marine Lines but got a fast so got down at Churchgate (CG)… Gaurang gave me directions and asked me to walk towards Marine Lines (ML)… Now, I figured if I have to anyway walk to ML station – why not take a train to ML. Took and I came there, only to realise both of them came to Churchgate to meet me 😦 At ML, I waited for a train and got down at CG and again missed Girish (who was on the west side and I was on the east)… Sadly due to the huge numbers present there – mobile networks were jammed which further added to confusion… Finally I met both of them only at 7:15 (40 minutes late from what I had expected) – Strike 2..

Then we went to the Tendulkar North stand for which we had tickets for and as expected we dint get seats. We were standing for an entire match in an extremly crowded stadium and were suffocated by Mumbai heat… Strike 3

Finally the Godforsaken match started… I wondered why did I pay for this… I was standing all the time (thanks to the management which gives out 1000 tickets in a stadium which can seat 500) and we couldnt even see the players clearly… The people around me were like arre wah – some XYZ is standing at deep mid off (excuse me!) and Sachin is in the first slip etc… I also wondered how exactly did these guys see the ball? As for me, I could see the ball in bowlers hand – then him throwing it – then it was a blur till it either went for a 4 or into the fielders hands…

So, why was I there?? I couldnt see the ball, I couldnt differentiate between players (of course 2 teams had different jerseys so inter team differentiation was easy :)..) and I am not crazy about cricket… All the time I glared at Girish for making me do this… To add to my woes – the audience wanted to do a stupid Mexican wave thing – so the idiots sitting in front of me periodically got up to throw their hands in the air to continue the wave… I AM an enthu pot – so the first time when it happened – I was quite kicked and did my bit for the wave but these people continued it for what 5 rounds – dont you think thats too much? I wonder if they saw the entire over that happened during that time (psst – arent people supposed to watch the match when they are in the stadium).

So, this is for the audience bit… The match itself was quite insipid. Now, I am no ardent fan of cricket but little that I know a match esp. a 20-20 match is exciting when there are a lot of sixes, a lot of runs and a nail biting finish (something like 1 over 15 runs etc.). There were new records created here and not the most nice ones… We had:
  • The Lowest score in IPL (67 all out)
  • The Slowest 50 in IPL
  • The fastest ever win in IPL (in 5.3 overs – which was good because I had to stand for less time)
  • The highest number of catches – The idol worship that Sachin enjoys was something that dawned upon me when I saw this match. Those catches were the easiest catches anyone can take but Sachin was praised immensely for this – which is strange coz they werent any challenges (which merits this praise btw). This done – when he came on the field to bat – the crowd went mad… The gave a standing ovation to him EVEN if he hadnt hit a single ball. (I do not doubt the fact that he WAS a great player but now with his form, I think he needs to prove himself (like all players have to and like Ganguly still needs to) before he gets so much credit for nothing).. Now comes the icing on the cake – this “GREAT” batsman got out on a DUCK… Brilliant bowling by Shoib Akhtar… So, first when Shoib does come to field at the boundary – he gets brickbats… some words uttered cant be even mention on this forum… Second, everyone goes Sachin dint play now coz he doesnt need to… He is giving a chance to others to win the match coz its such an easy target.. WHAT the f#$^$%@? How can ANYONE be so blindly worshipped? Jayasurya who is probably older than Sachin performed brilliantly, Pollock who is of the same era as him bowled magnificiently and yet people choose to talk about those idotic catches that this “AWESOME player who got out on a DUCK” took.. Disgusting that a team is symbolised by this one person – its a sad state of affairs!!
  • Highest number of sixes by a batsman (thanks to the 2 measly sixes that Jayasurya hit which gave him this title)

So, thats about it… At the end of the match, I was tired, sweaty, disgusted and extremely bored.. The only entertainment of the day was being with these 2 idiots – Girish and Gaurang 🙂 and those 30 minutes we spent talking at Marine Drive… Ya of course – the cheer leaders from Calcutta could be also included as the high points of the evening (btw – Mumbai cheerleaders sucked and so does the song mumbai has as its IPL anthem). Thus ended my day – had to wait for 20 minutes at Churchgate to get a train and I finally reached home completely exhausted at 12:30…

Came home and I decided that NEVER will I go to watch a cricket match at the stadium again!!!

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Journey from Misfortune to Windfall

While I just lamented about how I feel helpless and puny, less than 24 hours ago; what I am writing now is exactly its opposite feeling I felt today!! Somewhere I take this as an incident which substantiates the fact that life follows a Sinusoid – you have days of crests (high points in your life when everything works well) which would be followed by days of troughs (low points when you would feel you should not exist) but be rest assured coz crests ARE going to emerge next… So, when I had doubts about if I am a person at a right place, at a right time yesterday – they just were resolved today!!!
After a lot of deliberation, I decided to not go to work (because I had to work a little on my report) and instead go to the Barcap versus L & T cricket match at the Oval 🙂 (sounds so psued na…) Even though late – I was there to cheer for my team.
So, at the match (T20 match) we set an impressive and formidable target of 185 for L & T… Now, with 3 wickets down the audience (ME) was getting restive.. So, I got talking to Sushir (one of my colleagues) and this friendly talk soon became a finance lesson first and then got converted to gambling (which everyone in finance does – like Sushir put it – if you are risk averse – you are in a wrong profession :)…) So, after explaining the bet to me (He had to go short @ 50 rupees per minute if the time taken for match to wrap up is 45 min… After a lot of cheating (which he chose to call it as I kept changing clocks – the one running fastest was the one I wanted to take) and miscalculations (stupid me – on settling on one clock I stupidly calculated 10 + 45 = 50 (got reminded of CAT days) :(….which lost me 250 bucks btw…), the match last over finally was being played on the ground…
Now, ideally an over takes around 3 minutes to complete… Given the fact that there were 4 minutes less for me to break even – I was praying that something happens and the time gets extended… And guess what… Ball 1 bowled – Wide… Ball 2 bowled – Wide… (Sushir had torn his hair apart…) Ball 3 bowled – hit for a 4… (now we were comfortably winning – so the 4 was not so disturbing from the company win POV… but that was good for me coz the ball went faaaaar away and took a few more seconds to retrieve) Ball 4 bowled – dot ball… Ball 5 bowled – hit for a 4 which unluckily landed where the audience was sitting… Sushir was fast enough to run give the ball back to get the game started… Ball 6 – awesome ball – wicket taken… (this is again good for me… batsman walking out – batsman walking in takes time….) The time count is not told on purpose coz the end result would be sweeter to hear then… Ball 7 – dot ball… Finally the last ball of the innings – I was praying for one more extra but then I thought lalach buri bala hai :D… It was a dot ball and the game was finally over… Net result – Barcap won the game by more than 82 runs…. As for me, I won 200 rupees (since the 5th minute was not complete – I did not get a 50 for that…) So, had I calculated properly – silly that I am – I would have won 950 bucks 😦 but clearly destiny had another lesson in mind (other than reverberating the fact that I make silly mistakes) “lalach buri bala hai…”
Of course I could not accept the money – so I refused to take it… Then all the others were like he would have taken it had you lost and its difficult to get money outta him so you might as well take it… Get a vada-paav for office people if you dont want the money for yourself :))))
End of the day – I had 200 bucks in my hand (if I do get vada – paav – I will end up spending much more) , I met one of my friends for lunch and had an awesome time, came home and spent time with my family and had a great time here too :))))))))

Why cant days always remain at the crests??? Are troughs really necessary????

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No time but just couldn’t stop writing

My time here @ IIMB has been terrific… I mean, yes – it does have its downs (a lot of them actually at times) but the ups more than compensate for it… So, while I have been cribbing that I do not have the time to write anything, today I just could not resist as I browsed through my blog… I have 3 unwritten blogs – First Week @ IIMB, Summers experience, life in general at IIMB etc… So, finally I decided to put an end to this eternal wait for getting a right moment to write a blog and just started typing (so what if FinDev is staring right at my face)… So, what I am going to write about is this one aspect of IIMB students life – Bidding… We do that for eveyrthing… Bid for hostel rooms, bid for courses, bid for the number of students in the club, bid for money you want for your club – everything… And mind you, every such bid is associated with a lot of tension and hajar emotions… So, last 2 days in a row we were subjected to THE BIDDING process…Day before yesterday – ACAD Council Opens the Bid At!!!!!
What do you do when you want a course very badly and 100 others want too and the professor is ready to only teach 75 students… The only fair way to get those rightful 75 is bidding… So, I was the lucky one with only 2 out of 6 courses to be overbid (overbid – numer of applications exceed the cap placed by the prof)… There were people with 4 courses overbid and some unfortunate ones who did not get their course floated (course is not floated when the number of students applying is les than 20)… Amidst these extremes, here was I who prayed that 2 students somehow drop from the BFMS course which I wanted… The other course prof was nice enough to extend the cap and thus was normally bid…

So, stage one mock bidding – everyone gets an idea of what is the general preference of the batch (in terms of which courses they want and which they dont)… Stage 2 – actual bidding – same results… Stage 3 – voluntary swapping for students who change their mind and go for underbid courses (this is where I was waiting for 2 students to opt out)… Stage 4 – After stage 3, we still had 4 courses overbid so bidding process where you allocate 1000 points you have on the subject you desire the most… Its like auctioning – highest bidder wins… So, if you have more than one subject overbid – your points split amongst those subjects and you stand to lose… Stage 5 – tie between people who have same number of points bid… the subject still overbid… So, random allocation… Thanks to excel for the RAND() function which came to the rescue… Finally, Stage 6 – here the top 70/75 (depending on cap) are taken and granted the course… The misfortunate ones go to Stage 1 for a new course…

Agreed finally it did come to luck but there is no other fair way to give courses to students… You could do something like US Univs have – first come first serve or prof selects the students etc… But they are very subjective and do not give every student the same chance as this method (however cumbersome) gives.

Yesterday – Hostel Room Going, Going and Gone!!!
This is where we first year students select the rooms where we want to live in our second year after we come back from summers… Like in most issues, here too there is a demand supply mismatch… I owuld not even venture into guys hostel allocation which is nothing but huge… So, sticking to that fraction which is one fifth the total population – 51 girls in 51 rooms… Now, the process goes as 8 girls ka groups get allocated first, then 4 girls and then those hapless souls who are with no group… So, initally we were a group of 4 girls frantically trying to get the number to 7,8 or 9… MBA really spoils you because for something as simple as getting a room, you start applying probability theory, game theory etc… So, using one such theories 2 groups of 4 combined (Neha, Reema, Kinjal and Sharmili with Ritu, Aastha,Smriti, NikkySoo) to get the highly coveted K block… First there was a system which said – you give your first preference and if no one bids for it, you get it… The theories were at its best in this phase but to no avail… We still ended bidding for a block which was contested by anohter group… Then some sense prevailed and the bidding for hostel rooms came down to lottery system… Each group nominates one person to go and pick the chit… Who goes from our group now? People asked me to go but just picture this – 7 girls are looking upto you to pick one of the first 3 ranks in group of 8 and you end up picking rank 8… Would you live in peace the rest of your life??? Knowing this fully well, that I cannot do it – considering my luck (there was high probability (here I go MBA again) that I pick up 7 or 8).. So, we had the Jhansi ki Rani of our group Ritu Mittal daring to get us those coveted K blocks… And man she was lucky… We got rank 2 and hence K first which was NICE!!! The group who picked rank 1 could not stop cheering for their group leader… And so couldn’t we… Then the hostel secretary wrote – Ritu and Group againt K first and we were so happy to see that one cannot imagine… Of course, there were downsides were groups 7 and 8 got wht they did not prefer, some spilt… Hue and Cry about how our hostel secy sucks (which always happens.. We Indians very easily blame the system and people in it when we dont get what we want), how the process is not fair etc. After the girls rooms were sorted out, guys started which was even more messier…
But at the end of the day – I had the block I wanted, with the girls I wanted the block with and with the guys of our group just a floor below…
Alls well that ends well people say… So, atleast for me these 2 days ended on a high note… And with this content feeling I came to check my mail which had our QAG (a sort of monitor but for a partiuclar subject) mail saying our FinDev marks are out… Now, you know that every crest is followed by a trough… Without even looking at my score I am certain its a trough that I have to face 😦
So, thats all for now…
FinDev awaits and guilt feeling is already cropping up for wasting so much time instead of reading FinDev…

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Kudos to the most spirited team I have ever seen!!!

I would classify today’s tug of war event as by far the most important event of intersection sports and one of the most momentous moments of my life. I could not stop writing about this event, one because I have never gotten so excited post Samhar and second because I have never seen such highly spirited team – like EVER!!! It was a game that was packed with so many emotions that I cannot begin to tell. Some of the highlights of the event – if anyone had missed it.The Team Selection

So, the normal day starts with the usual cop fin lecture, continues with MPPO group having 107 slides to be presented and then by a marathon marketing lecture. Little did we know that this seemingly long commonplace day had loads of energy and ethusiasm in store for us. At 7:30, the team was in throwball court for the Tug of War event. Trials were carried out to get the best 6 players – who were within the weight limit to play for us. Poor Gauri was the one against whom everyone was tried and tested. Sec C was on court and suddenly PMS enters and displays her might. Last minute subs and Kinjal was replaced with PMS. We won the match against B fair and square.

The Problem

As PCN would say – Shit hit the roof after the match. Yours truly displayed her complete lack of mathematical skills because in the heat of moment of getting the best team, we crossed the weight limit. We were the first ones to admit our mistake, apologised our mistake and waited for the sports council to give a decision if it was a re-match or a disqualification. Incidentally, it so happened that Sec B was also overweight and therefore, it was unanimously agreed that we would have a rematch. Before the rematch, there were some bickerings about parllax error in weighing, availability of flat surface, zero error adjustments etc. So, along with my maths skills, my physics fundaes were also revised today 🙂

The Rematch

Match 2 started with Shruthi not playing the first pull. We gave in to the sec B team but this did not dampen the spirits. Shruthi agreed to play and resumed her position in the front and pulled victory away from sec B team, when they were only a few centimeters away. Hats off to this girl’s spirits to one – not have given up realising that we were almost out and two – come and play disregarding her health and keeping the team above it. Of course, hadn’t been for the support of the other 5, the front person could not have succeeded alone. After the impossible win (as many spectators later called it) the third pull was a cake walk and then the look on all these 6 girls faces was priceless. I wish at that point in time I had a camera to capture – the victorious smile, the satisfaction of winning fair & square and the determination that we have to teach a lesson.

The Finals

There was a really long break before the finals started. We were playing with no substitutes and not with the winning team combo. In addition, the fact that they had 6 pulls as opposed to 3 that the opponents made things even worse. This game requires hajar strength and we had exhausted ours in these 6 pulls. Yes! the things did look difficult at that point in time and I was dying of hajar guilt. For one, I kept blaming myself for making them go through the torment of a rematch and second for actually thinking that instead of playing the finals, we give them a walkover. Gold glitters the most when it is heated the most.The girls fighting it out (for whatever position) in today’s event would have been the only befit ending to this trial by fire. And this was where I learnt the third lesson for the day – place the team above an individual. Kudos to Kinjal to place the team over her beliefs, to come to aid when the team needed the most and finally to NOT give up whatever happened. I’m not sure how many would have done the same thing you did for this section. First pull – Aastha displayed an awesome initial pull to make sure theu get a run for money. However, luck did not favor us and we lost. The bigger problem was Tanu got hurt in the process and we were thinking of calling it off at that point to prevent injuries to others. Thats when the entire team amazed me again – because not only did they play but they won. Aswathy in the front did an awesome job of not letting go and Devi anchored superbly from behind. I almost saw PMS, Gauri, Aastha and Kinjal at 20 degrees to the horizontal to get maximum force. The determination paid off again and we got the final chance to win the event. Similar effort again, this time sec D got a wee bit closer to winning but the team proved their mettle and won…


I do not know how the team would have performed had Shruti been there. I do not know if I would have made any difference, had I been there. I do not know if we had not gotten the weight wrong in the first place, whether we would have felt better after winning the finals. All I know is that if any team deserved to win – it was SEC C… And I do not say this because I belong to this section. Sportsmanspirit and Skill are the two most fundamental things that are tested in any field (events, rules etc become secondary then) and that makes a sportsperson. I proudly say that I have met 8 such true sportspersons who come 10 on 10 on both these parameters.

PROUD OF U!! You were responsible to get a smile on my face and owe you one for that 🙂