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When you do email marketing for a living!

Serious content alert!

Have you ever given a thought to the mails you read in the ‘ promotional’ inbox? That tab has become the nightmare of many marketeers. Coz most would kill to land in main inbox but gmail (70% of the ids in any database) keeps tweaking their code to get most of the marketer’s efforts down the drain!

But despite this, here is something that Trip Advisor does extremely well (I love their mails). Thanks to Vero for compiling a great blog on triggered life cycle mails. Click on – only if this is something that interests you.

How TripAdvisor Nails Customer Relationship Management.
– A blog by Vero.

Content Writing

How do you make someone realize the importance of investing?

Continuing my “extended” role as a copywriter (Have someone now to do the creatives – so you will see a marked change in mail quality. Here’s hoping I will get a copywriter soon), we tried various routes to explain to the customers why regular & disciplined investing is important.

But as with email marketing the response had been minimal with multiple routes we tried. This is one of the routes that gave marginally better results than most. I wonder if the sheer enormity of Rs. 7 Crore & how small Rs. 10000 is contributed to this? I would be loathe to think the “time of mail” & “luck” had anything to do with this 🙂


Dear [NAME]

The answer lies in investing regularly. Just like small drops make an ocean, saving regularly early-on in life helps you achieve your goals effortlessly. And by doing this in Systematic Investment Plan or SIP in equity funds you can face life’s uncertainties with confidence.

Just by investing as little as Rs. 10000 per month in equity SIP, you can end up making a substantial difference to your savings in future.

Assuming Rs. 10000 invested every month for a period of 30 years.

So, make a wise choice today & start investing in equity mutual funds today.

Content Writing

Concept Explanation

This mail was to explain a money management concept & tie it up to the innovation done on MyUniverse. We thought the final way this mailer shaped up was great.

Although, our hopes were tempered down when we got just 3% open rates with 3% click rates. Wonder what went wrong?

Dear [NAME]

More time with your loved ones without delay at work, more of the dessert you love without gaining weight! Does it just sound impractical, utopian or impossible???

We can’t promise if any of the above could happen – but we can surely recommend you a way to make more money from the money you have & withdraw anytime like your favorite bank ATM card! Did we just interest you?

through SIP in recommended Reliance Funds in less than a minute 

Liquid funds invest in very short term debt & money market instruments, which are highly rated & therefore relatively safer, providing easy liquidity (1 day redemptions) and opportunity to earn a little more (through tax efficiency).

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Content Writing

Daughters’ Day

The idea was to engage with users on such occasions & instill in them the habit of disciplined investing. Now, the challenge was to be relevant to Daughters’ day & yet link to investing. We got a staggering 27% open rate.

daughters day
Dear [NAME]

You remember the first time she held your hand & walked her tiny footsteps. You remember being very protective of her & keeping her safe at all times. You remember how she saw superman & said, “My daddy strongest!!”.

Then how can you forget to give her the most
valuable lesson of her life?
Disciplined investing to create wealth.

This daughters’ day, teach your loved ones the value of disciplined investing by starting an SIP in the name of your daughter for her long term goals and help her create wealth through the power of compounding.

MyUniverse – India’s No. 1 personal finance platform – wishes all its customers a happy daughters’ day & hopes that with our revolutionary Easy SIP – we will make investing truly a child’s play.

Invest in SIPs in under a minute in any of our recommended funds for Long Term Wealth Creation.


Content Writing

Product Launch – Paperless Investments

The concept was to highlight how volumes of paperwork & complexity that financial products stand for have been completely eliminated through this innovation. Since, the product launch mail was sent from the Head of the business, I had kept the tone conversational & the mail completely text. The open rates were around 10% (higher than industry benchmark of 4 – 5%) & click rates around the same. The length might have been a deterrent according to us in this mail to get click rates but it didn’t seem to affect the same.

Dear [NAME]

I still recollect the first experience of opening my investment account 10 years ago. The number of signatures, the pile of paperwork, an agonizing wait to get my account opened and place my first mutual fund transaction!

Yes that was 10 years ago but do you recollect the experience of the last account you recently opened? Not much has changed on this front, has it?

Technology has made it possible to witness an event live across the world, why has account opening not moved at all? Why do financial services products still go hand in hand with plenty of documentation?

We faced the same issue & put our minds together to get a solution that brings the best of financial services & technology for ensuring speed and convenience for you! Adding to the ‘first to market’ solutions in the Indian financial services landscape yet again – we now present to you – Paperless investing.

Decided to invest because you got a strong recommendation from someone?

With MyUniverse, the time between you deciding to invest & actually investing is just 5 minutes. Yes, in 5 minutes – you can fill our online form, open your investment account, send a scanned copy of cancelled cheque, activate it, select the fund to invest in, make payment& Voila! The investment is done.

But if you are paperless, there must be some constraints!

Technology is changing financial services landscape. We have got 14 top fund houses who have tied up with us along with 39 banks – thus making us the distributor providing you with largest number of options to select from. This is just a start and we will add more in times to come so that you have all choices at your disposal.

This is unbelievable, so what are the hidden charges?

If you thought this process was unbelievable, then what comes next will pleasantly surprise you. All these facilities – paperless account opening, fast & easy transactions, dedicated investment advisor for online assist & a tailor made portfolio for you from our award winning research team comes to you for free. Not as a limited period offer but for lifetime without any hidden charges!

So, hurry & be the first to experience the mighty strides taken in mutual fund investing!

Click here to invest immediately!


Rahul Parikh

Head, Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse

PS: Our mobile users, please note that this feature is only available on the web version. You can also avail these benefits by clicking here

Need any assistance? Call customer care on 022-61802828 or write in an email to

Content Writing

Father’s Day

We wanted to do a subscription offer on father’s day. So, we tried the mail with 40% image & remaining text. The copy was supposed to link money management what we stand for to the habit that our father inculcated in us.


Images courtesy MyUniverse image bank

Dear [NAME]

He was the person who taught you to save money. He went through hardships all his life to give you comforts that you enjoy today.

So here’s celebrating spirit of fatherhood this father’s day by continuing the money management journey he started you on – through this exclusive offer

Father’s day offer:
Subscribe for a 3 Year Premium Plus Plan worth Rs. 1,499 and enjoy the benefits of Lifetime Premium Plus Plan worth Rs. 4,999!

 to subscribe

Content Writing

So, I have started copy writing

Being responsible for customer engagement on MyUniverse – India’s No. 1 PFM platform; I am expected to give the brief of what we wish to communicate to our customers to our agency. Initially, I set out with getting concepts from the agency & modifying the copy to suit our needs.

Little did I realize that soon I was re-writing almost the entire content of mail / poster / standee etc. So, I set out to write copy on my own & in-house develop the mail content. I am going to post some of the mail I really thought were well written & open it for critique from people.

Do let me know what you think about them


Content Writing

The secret art of the content tease… []

ooh la la
The Art of the [Content] Tease: A Millionaire’s Tip
Don’t give everything away upfront. Leave a little mystery.

Lesson from Danielle Steele? Maybe.

Lesson from a smart dude with 17,000+ Twitter followers? Definitely.

Timothy (Timothy is: A young millionaire, A penny stock trader, Founder of and, Former star of “Wall Street Warriors”) told Neil that his tweet links get clicked a TON because he teases people with the 140 characters at his disposal.

Where a lot of tweets summarize the content in the URL they’re referring to, Timothy’s tweets instead pull out 1 interesting part of the post and then make it sound intriguing and mysterious.

How can you do that?

  • Don’t give away any facts!
  • Don’t summarize the article you’re linking to!
  • Give an opinion (e.g., “there’s no way i’d ever do this – ever: < link >”)

For example, a few weeks ago, I tweeted the following:
that, ahem, ‘nice’ drawing your nephew did? here’s what he meant to

I’d stumbled on this cool book that takes kids drawings and turns them into art as the artist believes the child saw it. Awesome idea. But I didn’t write “An artist turns kids drawings into real art! Amazing!

No, I wrote the tweet above. And that one tweet drew 254 clicks… and I only had ~350 followers at the time.

Ever since, I’ve been trying to train myself to tweet as Timothy Sykes says to.

By teasing.

Read more @ The secret art of the content tease… [].

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