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Here is why Kattapa killed Bahubali

I define a good movie as a movie that makes me think about it even after it is over. While I applauded the technical brilliance of this movie, until the end I thought the movie was fairly predictable and hence strictly OK! If one had asked me should I watch it, my opinion would have been it’s avoidable. But what I was unprepared for, is the point at which they ended the movie. That changed my review from avoidable to one time watch.

For the protagonist to have some meat in his role, it was plainly obvious that his father had to die. So far, VERY PREDICTABLE! Spoiler alert: but the person who killed the father, is what changed the plot considerably and I found myself anxiously awaiting part 2. Obviously not one to wait till 2016 for the end here are my possible set of reasons on why did Kattapa kill Bahubali.

– Lame reason: he was trying to kill Bhalaldev but confused Bahubali with him while killing from behind!
If part 2 does show this, I’ll kill myself 😦

– Plausible reason: the Royal family was held at ransom by Bhalaldev and he agreed to let them live only if Kattapa kills Bahubali. While this looks reasonable it doesn’t explain his last dialogue where he confesses that he betrayed Bahubali.

– Slightly stretched (only present to exhaust all possibilities): Bahubali married Devsena and became a bad ruler – something like Dasrath’s plight in Ramayana or Duryodhan in Mahabharata (like bad guidance brings bad outcomes and hence eventual death)

– Most apt till date: taking a leaf from the Peshwa history, may be Bhalaldev intercepted a Royal message, tampered it to change from “capture Bahubali” to “kill Bahubali”. On receiving Royal message, obviously Kattapa killed him.

Can’t think of anymore – do let me know if you think any other reason can be surmised. Sadly, there ain’t a book about this movie that I can read and know the right reason without being left hanging by the thread (like what I did for GoT, Harry Potter, etc.)!

So, the one movie I’ll definitely watch in 2016 is ” Bahubali – the conclusion “


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